Action opens

store in Leszno

Action opens store in Leszno

Europe's fastest growing non-food discounter comes to Poland

ACTION, an international non-food discounter opened its first store in Poland on 12th October in Galeria Leszno. Action surprises its customers with a broad, everchanging assortment and lowest prices successfully in six European countries. The store in Leszno is the first of six stores that are planned to open their doors in Poland in the next few months.

From 12th October 2017 onwards, Poland will have a new player on the retail market: Action is a fast growing, international non-food discount retailer, originating in the Netherlands in 1993. In six countries - the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and France - its concept has proven to be successful. Now, Action makes the first steps into the 7th country.

Leszno had been selected to be the first destination, where Action will surprise its customers. The store in Park Leszno opened in the morning of the 12th October. “Leszno is the perfect starting point to get ready for Poland. The store is located in a great, varied retail environment, offers a modern ambience and various parking spots for our customers. Also, it is close to Germany, where we have successfully established Action”, explains Sander van der Laan, CEO Action. The store employs around 20 people and is open daily from 9:00 until 21:00.

Next to Leszno, further stores will open in Głogów, Legnica, Wałbrzych, Świdnica and Lubań in the upcoming months. The openings are realized by a Polish management team and Polish employees in close cooperation with the international headquarter. By now Action hired around 50 people. For several weeks, 30 of them had been trained intensively in Action stores in the Netherlands. “Poland is a very exciting country to start business in. Its infrastructure is well established, due to its population density and the retail market the potential is big and the economy is developing well. We are confident that our concept fits the Polish customers and that they will embrace it” says Sander van der Laan.

So far, Action has been successful in all countries, where it opened stores. Sales in 2016 were 2.7 billion EUR. More than 6 million customers visit the stores in Europe every week. “ACTION surprises customers with its broad and everchanging assortment at low prices. We have more than 6000 products in 13 categories, such as DIY (do it yourself), toys & entertainment, stationery & hobby and personal care”, explains Sander van der Laan. During the last years, Action grew at 30% per year. This month the non-food discounter will open its 1.000th store in Europe.


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