Action opens

200th store in Germany

Action Germany evolves into nationwide retailer - 200th store in Germany is open

The international non-food discounter Action opened its 200th store in Germany in the southern part of the country. Germany’s General Manager, Steffen Rosenbauer, interprets the milestone as confirmation of Action’s growth. „Action is more and more developing into a nationwide retailer. We expand all over Germany, but there are still many regions, where we can strengthen our store network“, said Rosenbauer on occasion of the opening ceremony. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands has more than 1000 stores in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Poland. Just last year, it registered a sales increase of 34%, closing the year 2016 with a sales of 2,67 billion euro.

As per Steffen Rosenbauer, Action is expanding in all states of Germany. Nevertheless, in some areas Action is not as spread out as in others and is thus lacking awareness. „The store network in South Germany is currently not as highly developed as in other regions of Germany. We see that our customers undertake many efforts to be able to shop at our stores, partly they travel long distances. We want to be, where our customers are und are planning on expanding even stronger in the south of Germany”, states Rosenbauer. The first steps for a stronger expansion to the south had been taken at the beginning of this year by establishing the first distribution center in Germany close to Frankfurt (Main). A second distribution center is planned to open in 2018 in the North of Germany. From there, stores in Middle, North and East Germany as well as Poland shall be provided.

Action is the fastest growing non-food discounter in Europe. In all 24 years of its existence, the company achieved a considerable like-for-like sales growth. Every week, says Rosenbauer, Action attracts more than six million customers in Europe. That has an effect on the locations. It makes it easier for communities to rent surrounding business locations and to revive a whole economic area. Apart from that, Action would also be an important economic factor for the local employment market. Rosenbauer: “We employ on average 25 people in every store. All over Germany, we currently have 3.700 people working for us.“

The success formula is based on affordable everyday-products for everyone – with lowest prices and a surprising assortment. Action offers more than 6.000 products, of which only one third is part of the fixed assortment. More than two thirds are constantly changing and every week 150 new products are introduced. The offer comprises 13 product categories, such as household, toys & entertainment, linens, personal care or DIY. Three times in a row, Action had been awarded Europe’s Reatiler of the year, last for the period 2016/2017. End of november, Action was awarded Retailer of the Year Germany 2017/2018 in the categories “home decoration & presents”, “household” and the special category “Price level”.