Action celebrates five years on the French market

Fastest growing non-food discounter opens its 336th store in France

Action celebrates five years on the french market, announces its ambitions for 2018, and opens its 336th store in France today.

/// Five years of growth on the French market  

Since its arrival in France at the end of 2012, Action — the international non-foord discounter best known for its low prices, and its ever-changing and varied product offering — has been growing at a two-digit pace so much so that France has become one of the group’s most important countries for its development in Europe.

The discounter, founded in the Netherlands 24 years ago, has nearly 1,100 stores in Europe. In France, after only five years of presence, Action already manages 336 stores, which makes it the brand’s second market in numbers of locations. The pace at which Action opens new stores is rapid, and involves 3-digit numbers, with 100 openings in France in 2016, and 115 in 2017.

For Bart Raeymaekers, General Manager Action France : « French customers appreciate our brand and our product offering. At the very beginning, our low prices were thought to be introductory prices, but the public realized that these are our usual prices. Our clients quickly grew accustomed to us, and love the combination of low prices and an ever-changing and varied product offering with over 150 new products in stores every week. We were surprised by such a strong popularity, as demonstrated by the spontaneous creation of Facebook groups that have gained hundreds of thousands of fans in less than two years. We are thrilled by this enthusiasm. »

In total, Action has created more than 6,000 permanent jobs in France in five years for its stores, including in regions where unemployement is higher than the national average. To best handle its important workforce needs in France, the group has entered into a national agreement with Pôle Emploi, the French employement agency, making it responsible for selecting and recruiting all store employees.

/// 2018 Outlook 

« We anticipate that in 2018 France will become our most important market », Bart Raeymaekers continued. « Action is determined to maintain the pace obtained in France and plans to open many more stores in 2018, particularly in the South and in the West of the country. We also believe that we will be able to recruit as many more new employees this year. »

The opening of the store in Persan, in Val d’Oise, today — first Action store to open in France in 2018 — marks the beginning of a series of new openings, and notably for January/February in Vire, Basse-Normandie (January) ; Gray, in Haute-Saône (January) ; Marsac-sur-l'Isle, near Périgueux in Dordogne (February) ; Lormont near Bordeaux, in Gironde (February). 

To accompany its growth, Action continues to develop its distribution centers network in France. In addition to the two existing centers — one located in Moissy-Cramayel near Paris opened in 2016, the other in Labastide-Saint-Pierre near Toulouse opened in 2017 — a third center will open in the second half of 2018, located in Belleville, near Lyon.

« Our logistical organisation is one of the pillars of our business model. It is part of what enables us to continuously renew our product offering, and to rapidly supply our stores with 150 new products every week », Bart Raeymaekers added. « With this third center, we can further accelerate our growth in France ».

Download the press release (PDF) here.