Sustainable quality labels at Action

The more we develop our own policies and invest into co-operative efforts with renowned institutions, such as FSC, the more we will be able to offer you products that are sustainable and certified as such. You can already find more and more products with sustainability labels on our shelves: FSC and PEFC for timber products, UTZ for chocolate or OEKO-TEX for textiles. Below we have summarized for you what the major labels stand for and which products you will find them.


EKO and EU Organic

Organic food labels
In Action stores we also sell products that are certified with the EKO label and / or the EU Organic hallmark for organic agricultural products and food.

These labels identify products that comply with the statutory organic requirements, for the Netherlands and the EU respectively. The labels can be found on various food items, such as BioWise products.

Fair Trade & UTZ
Fair Trade & UTZ 
Two brands that guarantee a fair price to farmers and contribute to the local development of environmental management, health, education and business operations.

The logo can be found on various types of food items, such as Caffe Palazzo, ChocOH!, Smikkelhuys chocolate products and Easter Moments.


These logos stand for wood that is cultivated and cut down in a responsible manner in regards to people and the environment. For example, trees are not cut down faster than new ones can grow.

The logo can be found on various wooden articles and products which are processed from wood, such as our Pure Soft toilet paper, part of our Office Essentials office supplies and on various kinds of packaging.
Find out more about our approach with FSC and PEFC here.
These products are made according to the strict regulation for the use of harmful (colour) substances and tested for fragments left behind, or for pesticide.

The logo can be found on  various types of clothing, bedding and other textiles. Among other things, on our Ziki and Cozzi underwear lines, and Jack Parker and Dolce Bella basics.
BCI green
Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
BCI is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world, providing training and support for farmers worldwide to develop environmentally friendlier and socially and economically more sustainable farming methods. Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products. However, BCI Farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we ‘source’.
The logo can be found on  various types of clothing, bedding and other textiles. Among other things, on our Ziki and Cozzi underwear lines, Hotel Royal, Jack Parker and Dolce Bella basics.  
A German hallmark with an international standard of high quality and safety requirements, that is mainly applicable to technical equipment. Found on our A-force batteries and some Werckmann tools.