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Products & Responsible Sourcing

One of the priorities stated in our ASR strategy is to ensure that the products we offer in our stores are sourced responsibly. This includes the social conditions under which the products are produced, but also their quality and safety. We form partnerships with our suppliers to ensure a collaborative approach to responsible sourcing. We work closely with more than 1,000 suppliers, amongst which are importers, A-brand suppliers and factories, from which we buy directly. Approximately 40% of our products come from suppliers that are based in Europe, with the remaining 60% coming from Asia. As basis for our cooperation with any supplier serves our Ethical Sourcing Policy, which is our roadmap to a sustainable approach with people, environment and communities. With the clear goal of gaining deeper insights into production processes, we are continuously expanding our direct imports, for which in 2014 we partnered with the internationally-renowned sourcing company, Li & Fung.

Recent results


In 2018, Action has  been  working on  additional policies to complement the Action Ethical Sourcing Policy,  and has adjusted and developed procedures and standards for the production and for the import of  products. Furthermore, Action has reviewed its import strategy. We have taken a more indepth look at our direct  import  processes and   are building  a stronger foundation  for   increased  sustainable  growth. Together with strong sourcing partners, we have finetuned and improved  our   procedures.  The number  of  factories in  Asia   that  produce directly  for   Action  stayed  at  a comparable level: in 2018 this was a total of 454  factories. All of  these factories carry  an  independent social  audit. During the year, 279  audits  expired  and  these factories were re-audited as  part of  our  programme commitment. We also  conduct annual due diligence, checking for  social compliance and  ensuring that 10%  of  the active factories are subjected to un-announced follow up  audits to check on  on-going  compliance. We are looking  to expand this initiative in 2019 and  2020.