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Our people bring Action to life every day and it is our culture that makes them thrive as individuals and teamplayers. As Action continues to grow, we continue to offer jobs to people of every age, educational level and background. Every store or distribution centre we open creates new jobs. It is our aim to create a working environment, that inspires our employees. An environment that makes them feel appreciated and safe, that keeps them healthy and helps them to develop as a person and a professional. That is, why we within our pillar ‘People’, we focus on the following areas:

Health & Safety: We prioritise the safety and well-being of our employees
Diversity: We embrace diversity and we make sure everyone is included
Culture: We protect and embed our business culture whilst embracing cultural expansion
Development:  We encourage and support development opportunities throughout the business


Results in 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for the world and so for Action. Despite this challenging environment, Action hired almost 5,000 new employees, taking the total number of direct employees to over 46,000 by the end of the year. At Action, we really care about our employees and we celebrate diversity. Our workforce represents the diversity of our customers in terms of cultural background, gender and age. No less than 125 nationalities work at Action – in our stores, our distribution centres and our country offices in all eight countries we are active in.   

Health and safety

Health and safety management and employee well-being are key priorities at Action. This proved to be especially important in 2020. COVID-19 required a tailored response to continue ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. A new Health & Safety manager as well as a strong, company-wide governance structures was set in place, which also enabled us to rapidly implement the required COVID-19 safety measures in our stores, distribution centres and offices. This helped create a safe working environment for our employees while the virus spread throughout Europe.

Within Action, there are 16 people fully dedicated to Health and Safety, as well as others for whom it is part of their responsibilities. In 2021, the Health and Safety team will continue to develop and implement company-wide policies, processes and procedures regarding health and safety.

Training & Development

At our Action Academy, we offer our employees the opportunity to take training courses in different fields and for different purposes. From work safety and systems trainings to leadership training. In 2020, we recorded almost 27,500 participants across our various courses. 43% of these courses were dedicated to developing our employees’ soft skills. These include online leadership and communication seminars and workshops. Safety courses accounted for 53% of all training in 2020.

Action also provides a scholarship for our employees’ children. The Action Scholarship Fund was founded in 2017 and aims to help our employees pay for their children’s education if they cannot afford to finance it themselves.


Our values reflect the Action way of working, and they are the foundation of our Code of Conduct. They are integrated into all our HR instruments and internal communications. Each value contributes equally to Action’s culture and helps us:

  • make decisions and drive our priorities;
  • decide how to direct our time, money and focus;
  • respond to unexpected situations;
  • behave respectfully towards internal and external stakeholders;
  • consistently provide our customers with a unique and modern discount format.

Our values are the backbone of our organisation and have brought Action to where it is today. Find out more about our Values.

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