We are a responsible



Our people bring Action to life every day. As Action continues to grow, we continue to offer jobs to people of every age, educational level and background. Every store or distribution centre we open creates new jobs. The activities and motivation of our colleagues also depend on the inspiration we provide them. At Action, we really care about our employees and we celebrate diversity. Our workforce represents the diversity of our customers in terms of cultural background, gender and age. No less than 129 nationalities work at Action – in our stores, our distribution centres and our country offices in all seven countries we are active in. We help our employees to grow through training and development programs. We provide them with promotion opportunities whenever we can. One of these trainings is ‘aggression and violence in the store’, which is offered to all Action employees. This training teaches them how to deal with aggressive customers and it makes our employees more confident at work in unexpected situations, but also in their private lives.

Recent results and activities

In 2019, Action hired more than 5,000 new employees, taking the total number of direct employees to about 41,000 by the end of the year.

Action Academy

At our Action Academy, we offer our employees the opportunity to take training courses in different fields and for different purposes. From work safety and systems trainings to leadership training. In 2019, we recorded more than 26,000 participants across our various courses. More than 68% of these courses were dedicated to developing our employees’ soft skills. These include leadership and communication seminars and workshops, in which employees learn how to prevent aggression and violence. Safety training courses, including first aid and firefighting, accounted for around 32% of the courses.

Action Scholarship Fund

Action also provides a scholarship for our employees’ children. The Action Scholarship Fund was founded in 2017 and aims to help our employees pay for their children’s education if they cannot afford to finance it themselves. In 2019, 18 children of employees qualified for the sponsorship and received financial support.

Regular employee satisfaction survey

To measure our employee satisfaction and evaluate the levels of engagement across the organisation, we conduct a survey among our employees: the  “Voice of Action”. We follow up on the results in each part of the business, drawing up action plans to focus on continuous improvement of engagement and satisfaction levels. The last survey was conducted in 2017 and 92% of the employees participated. The overall satisfaction score was well above European retail average. In 2020, we are preparing a new Voice of Action which will be held in 2021.