We contribute to society

and serve local communities


Our approach

As a fast-growing company, we have an increasing impact on society. Our stores have a positive impact on the local economy. Because our stores attract many customers, shops in the area benefit from this. We also create thousands of jobs every year.

We find it important to make a positive contribution to society. We have been doing this since we were founded in 1993. Our focus is on helping children. In recent years we have been collaborating with the National Children’s Aid Fund (Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp). This foundation supports children growing up in poverty, which involves over 400,000 children in the Netherlands. However, Action is now active in seven countries and is becoming more international. For this reason we searched for an international charity that, just like National Children’s Aid Fund, matches with the principles of Action. This is SOS Children's Villages.

Results in 2018

  • In 2018, we sponsored more than 1,100 SOS children in Asia for €25,- a month. With this, Action contributed to the daily costs of sponsor children and also to their villages, and to food, education, medical care, but also sports and play. In short: everything that a child needs to grow up!
  • The contribution from the Action International HQ went to an important study done by the University of Amsterdam, about the exclusion of vulnerable children. This was funded by SOS Children's Villages, which ACTION will now pay back in a period of three years.
  • SOS Children's Villages in the Netherlands used the donation from the Dutch country office from Action for the realisation and renovation of a new children’s village in Saboura, Syria. Syrian children, who have lost everybody because of the ongoing war, find a new, loving home. In every appartment 8 - 10 children live with their new SOS mother.
  • In Belgium Action made it possible for the SOS Children’s village Chantevent in Bande to help renovate the rooftops of the 7 houses, as part of an ongoing renovation project.
  • In Austria Action supported the holistic Life, Happiness, Aid program, and supported 38 children in their need for help.
  • In Germany, we offered animal assisted therapy to children with special therapeutic needs. This form of therapy helps children, not only to regain trust in others, but also in themselves, and to gain self-confidence and finding healthy ways of expressing themselves. In 2018, around 30 children have benefited from this program.
  • SOS Village d’Enfants in France is building a new SOS Children’s Village in Beauvais/Matha. Action France contributed to this project where many children in need of help will find a loving home.

Taking Action for SOS Children’s Villages

For nearly 70 years, SOS Children’s Villages has supported children in vulnerable circumstances all over the world. Children who are all alone, without parental care. SOS Children’s Villages gives these children a home, a family, a community – and the care and support they need to grow into independent, successful adults. Now Action is going to help them!

On 1 January 2018, SOS Children’s Villages and Action joined hands. Each Action store and each team in the distribution centres sponsors a child in Asia. For every office in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France, Action donates an amount to the SOS Children’s Villages associations in that particular country. This money will be used to help children and families in vulnerable circumstances in these countries.

SOS children's villages

Why we support SOS Children’s Villages

At Action, we want to do more to make the world a better place. Like Action, SOS Children’s Villages is active internationally, including in countries where Action has stores, distribution centres, offices and in the countries where our products are made. By working with SOS Children’s Villages, we can contribute to improving the living conditions of children, families and communities around the world.

Margot Ende, Managing Director of SOS Children’s Villages the Netherlands, welcomes the partnership. “We are delighted with Action’s support. All over the wold, there are children growing up without the care of their parents or are at risk of losing this care. The importance of a warm, supportive family life is the foundation of SOS Children’s Villages. We ensure that these children can grow up with a loving family. We support and empower families and communities. Through this cooperation, we will be able to do even more to help children.”

Thanks to this cooperation, more than 1,100 children growing in SOS Children’s Villages can benefit from sponsorship every month. Action contributes to the daily expenses of each sponsored child and the SOS Children’s Villages where they live, improving facilities in the village and ensuring the child’s daily needs are met. The support that each Action store provides contributes to the overall care of the child sponsored by the particular store. Through these contributions, we can also finance family strengthening programmes in the surrounding community, working to prevent family breakdown and separation.

Ms Ende adds, “100% of the sponsorship money kindly provided by each Action team goes to the child and his or her immediate living environment. This includes the home in which he or she lives, the medical facilities in the SOS Children’s Village and the school. With this cooperation we can do even more to help children – and to ensure a lasting positive impact in their lives.”


SOS Children's villages