We contribute to society

and serve local communities


Our approach

As a fast-growing company, we have an increasing impact on society. Our stores have a positive impact on the local economy. Because our stores attract many customers, shops in the area benefit from this. We also create thousands of jobs every year.

We find it important to make a positive contribution to society. At the end of 2017, we signed a partnership agreement with SOS Children’s Villages, which took off during 2018. By supporting SOS Children’s Villages, we can
help in countries where we operate our stores and in countries where we source products from suppliers and manufacturers.

Margot Ende, Managing Director of SOS Children’s Villages the Netherlands, welcomes the partnership. “We are delighted with Action’s support. All over the wold, there are children growing up without the care of their parents or are at risk of losing this care. The importance of a warm, supportive family life is the foundation of SOS Children’s Villages. We ensure that these children can grow up with a loving family. We support and empower families and communities. Through this cooperation, we will be able to do even more to help children.” Ms Ende continues, “100% of the sponsorship money kindly provided by each Action team goes to the child and his or her immediate living environment. This includes the home in which he or she lives, the medical facilities in the SOS Children’s Village and the school. With this cooperation we can do even more to help children – and to ensure a lasting positive impact in their lives.”

Just like Action, SOS Children’s Villages is an international organisation – it works in 135 countries and territories and helps vulnerable children by providing them with a loving home. In 2020, the partnership contract with SOS Children’s Villages will be evaluated. We will explore if and how we can make more of our partnership in the future.

Action wants to be an inspiring employer. This partnership gives us an opportunity to engage our employees to be closely involved in our Action Social Responsibility strategy. Every store and every team from our Action operated distribution centres sponsors one SOS village in Asia, and every Action office donates to the European SOS office in their country.

Results in 2019

In 2019, we sponsored more than 1,300 SOS children for €25 per child per month. This contributes to the daily needs of sponsored children and to their villages, including food, education and medical care, as well as sports and play. In short, everything a child needs to grow up!

In addition, in 2019 we financially supported several European projects, bringing the total donation to SOS Children’s Villages to €469,900. The projects that were supported are:

  • Kiss & Hug Zones at Dutch schools, where parents and children can take the time to greet each other with a hug, were supported by the Dutch country office.
  • The University of Amsterdam received €10,000 from Action’s international headquarters for research on the exclusion of vulnerable children.
  • The roofs of two family houses were renovated with the support of the Belgian country office, benefitting 12 children.
  • In France, a new SOS Children’s Village was started in Le Lion d’Angers (West France), financed in part by Action.
  • In Austria, Action’s contribution was used for the construction of a new youth facility in Seekirchen, SOS Children’s Village in Salzburg.
  • Action contributed to a program in the German SOS Children’s Village Saar, in which 15 women refugees and their children are educated in German and taught about society.
  • In Poland, the stores and the Action country office helped pay for the medical expenses, therapies, lessons and courses for the children in the SOS Children’s Villages Krasjnik and Bilgoraj.


SOS children's villages