Social responsibility:


ASR strategy

As a retailer, serving millions of customers in more than 1,900 stores across nine countries, we are well aware of our impact on society and environment. And even more important: With our rapid expanding business backed up by a global supply chain, our responsibility to our customers, employees, business partners and society continues to increase. Governments, agencies and regulators set the regulatory framework in which we operate, providing rules and regulations affecting all aspects of our business. However, we believe that our responsibility extends beyond compliance.

Making sustainable products accessible to everyone

Our ambition is to make sustainable products accessible to everyone. We want to source and sell products that are safe, of good quality and in compliance with our ethical and environmental principles. And we run a sustainable operating model, minimising our direct impacts. We see a continued interest for sustainability from consumers, as well as regulation driving change. This, coupled with our own ambition and pride in our brand, motivates us to continue to increase our commitment and effort in the coming years.

For this purpose, we have developed our Action Social Responsibility (ASR) strategy. It serves as our roadmap to doing business while respecting human rights, trading ethically, protecting the environment, and offering good quality products, both in our own operations and in our supply chain.

Action Social Responsibility Strategy

  • Product: We want to make sure that our products are safe, of good quality and are produced responsibly. This includes the social conditions under which the products are manufactured and the responsible use of raw materials, as well as their quality and safety.
  • People: We want to be a responsible employer. This includes that we offer jobs to people of every age, educational level and background, that we develop our employees and ensure a safe working environment.
  • Environment: We try to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible in all areas of our business, from the stores, to the distributions centres and the transportation of our goods up to the headquarters.
  • Good Citizenship: We support the local communities of our stores, as well as communities where we produce.

Our Action Social Responsibility strategy is inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs were ratified in 2015 as a global development agenda towards 2030. We selected four of the SDGs on which we focus our efforts. By aligning our ASR strategy with the SDGs, we contribute to the fulfillment of global goals and the realisation of clearly defined action points which are a joint effort of NGOs, states and economic players.

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