Our values

Action’s people make the difference: our employees in the stores, in the distribution centers and the offices. Everybody contributes to the company and its developments with his or her own experiences. Despite our different backgrounds or our position within the company, we all have one thing in common: we identify ourselves with and live by the values of Action. It is the core of our success as it sets the basis for how we interact with each other, with our customers and our business partners.


Customer focus means our customers come first in everything we do. We strive to offer the most surprising products at the best possible prices. We keep our costs as low as possible. And we always treat our customers in a friendly and respectful way. In everything we do, we ask ourselves: does this serve our customers?




Teamwork makes the dream work. At Action, we make an effort to work as a team across the organisation. We offer help where we can. We share responsibilities and have common goals. We share successes and disappointments. And we don’t waste energy on blaming and complaining.




At Action we want to maintain our simplicity. That requires a structured way of working. Clear roles and responsibilities. Staying focused on our priorities. Being practical. It is about making things easy. We always ask ourselves: is there a simpler way?




Discipline is all about having the right focus. Being disciplined means being respectful towards others by being on time and prepared. Discipline means we act economically, we keep things clear and we stick to the rules. We are focused, we keep our promises and we follow up on actions.



Cost-conscious Cost conscious is the cornerstone of Action. It is in
our DNA. Being cost conscious is not about not spending money, it is about spending money smartly and keeping costs low. That is how we can offer our customers the lowest price. Even when it seems small and unimportant, every cent counts.




Respect is what we owe each other as human beings. At Action, we are very clear about the importance of respect when it comes to customers and colleagues. We are kind and clear. We give constructive feedback and compliments. We ask questions and really listen to each other. And we are open to new perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. Respect makes us all feel safe.

Code of Conduct

During this time of rapid growth, it is important that we stick to our DNA: the values and discipline that have brought us to where we are today. The way we work and interact with each other and our customers is the basis of who we are, what we can do for our customers, and our success. We have described this (co-)working method in a code of conduct. The code is intended for all Action employees.

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