Our people

& management

Our people

Everything we do is designed to ensure happy and satisfied customers. Our employees play an important role in this. Their enthusiasm and commitment are crucial to the success of our company. They are the ones helping our customers find their way through our stores every day. We are rapidly growing on an international level, and our workforce is growing quickly. All over Europe, we now employ more than 63,000 people of which around 46,000 are directly employed with Action. Our people may have different backgrounds and a varied range of talents, there are two things they all share: a passion for retail and a no-nonsense getting-things-done mentality. 

Our values 

Our values are the backbone of our organisation and are fundamental to our success. They serve as the basis of our selective search for new people. Find more information about our values here.

Our management 

Our business is in line with our formula: simple and straightforward. We have a flat organisational structure with a small headquarters and limited overheads to optimally support our stores and country organisations. At our international headquarters in Zwaagdijk (the Netherlands), a team of professionals works on the execution of our expansion strategy. Our teams at the headquarters work as an expertise centre for all departments, including HR, IT, Finance and Marketing. Our buying team is active around the globe. Our country offices primarily support the stores with customer service, the acquisition of new locations, and HR and recruitment.

Action has a one-tier governance structure with a Board of Directors, consisting of the CEO and the CFO as executive directors and currently six non-executive directors. The Executive Committee, comprising the CEO, the CFO and five directors for Action’s key operational functions, is responsible for effectively implementing Action’s strategy, as approved by the Board of Directors, achieving its business objectives and running the operations.