More than you expect

for less than you imagine

Our unique retail format

We are a fast-growing, international non-food discounter with a simple and successful business model. We lead on price and differentiate on surprise. We are known for our affordable everyday products. We offer around 6,000 different items in our stores, with more than 150 new products every week. We sell A-brands and private label products in 14 categories. Products that make your life easier, better and more fun. Good quality products that add value to your life. Our unique Action formula stands for quality, simplicity and surprise and can be found in every Action store around Europe. We can offer such low prices because we buy in very large volumes. This is possible due to our scale and highly efficient supply chain. Our stores are stocked multiple times per week from our distribution centres in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland.

Why our prices are low

Our stores
It is not just about what is on our shelves. We know that our customers usually take their time to visit Action, so they don't miss out on any interesting new products. We want our customers to enjoy their time in our store and that they feel comfortable while shopping at Action. That is why we focus on making the customer journey as pleasant and comfortable as possible in an Action way. Our premises are large, our aisles are wide and the shelves are low. Whenever we can, we choose locations where customers can park. We do not engage in aggressive and expensive advertising campaigns. Our products and prices speak for themselves, so we let our customers spread the word.

Our products
At Action you can expect the unexpected. Surprise is a major aspect of our concept and realized in many ways: More than 60% of our product range is variable and changing. 150 new products arrive every week in our stores.

Surprise factor of Action

Action's buying team sources from more than 660 suppliers, most of which are based in Europe and Asia. Together with our suppliers, they are always on the look-out for quality products at affordable prices. When it comes to quality, safety and responsibility, they make no concessions. Our product range consists of 14 categories: decoration, DIY (do it yourself), toys & entertainment, stationery & hobby, multimedia, household goods, garden & outdoor, laundry & cleaning, food & drink, personal care, pet, sports, fashion and linen.

Our customers
Action welcomes millions of shoppers every week. People with different backgrounds, different mindsets and different reasons to visit us. Everything we do is designed to deliver more value for our customers. Every decision is based on what our customers expect from us. What are their expectations when it comes to quality, sustainability or price? When are they happy and satisfied? We help our customers to create and celebrate special moments in their lives, whether it's a children's party, a first day of school or the moment that spring finally arrives.